Hi there ! Its me Priyanka Gusain the founder and head designer of my brand Zubiya.
Zubiya was established in the year 2013. Just when I finished college there was no question, I wanted to turn my love for art and painting into something more than just a hobby. 
And so the journey began. As a young artist I was definitely excited yet nervous to come up with the Idea of painting on the shoes, but today It has become the essence of my being, a snapshot of where I am, what I've experienced and what brings people to a smile.
Travel has been a great influencer. 
I am inspired by the world around me and love interpreting it in brilliant colours , motifs and words, often influenced by the movies I see the people I meet and the places I travel.
 We stay away from boring, its all about self-expression, wearing what makes one happy with a pinch of Quirk and a splash of colours !!
Most who know me , know me for my ‘’freehand painting style’’ .There are no stencils or drafts, every piece is like a blank canvas which is then hand painted from start to the smallest of finishing touches. I feel the exclusivity which it brings to the shoes is what makes it so special!
My creations are born from intense thought processes, and Its a way I connect with my customers! I love that my work conveys a sense of sweet nostalgia and of self expression that brings a smile on peoples faces when they see my shoes, its almost like a mirror into which they can look to see or remember their own happiness reflected, They relate to it!
And that’s why at Zubiya we say:
‘’ Every shoe has a Story’’